How it Works! 

When you request Mt2535, we strive to bring you a full carnival at as little or no cost to you.

How do we do that?  

                    1. Request Sponsors to pay the Carnival Expenses.

                    2. We take the cost of the event out of the proceeds of the fundraiser. 

                    3. Request a quote, and then help lower the cost in the following ways... 


There are several ways to save expenses and increase profits: 
                    1. Find a willing donor of a 30 or 50 amp RV hookup, or hotel donor. 
                    2. Find a donor church or organization to provide a free event venue. 
                    3. Ask Thrift Stores to donate prizes for the carnival booths. 
                    4. Ask businesses to sponsor attractions or prizes. Many places have small promotional items that are great for small prizes. 
                    5. Ask businesses to sponsor their own booth for their own advertising. 
                    6. Ask car dealerships to sponsor a center spot to advertise their newest vehicle. 
                    7. Ask civic clubs to volunteer and sponsor expenses. 


Please include the following information when you contact us: 

Who:    Name and Website
What:  The Purpose* of your Fundraiser and How** those Funds will be Used 
When: The Date and Time you are hoping to host your event. 
Where: Where you are wanting to host the event. 

*We do not provide holiday themed events.